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Install rupture disc holders correctly with no need for flange drilling

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To ensure safety and reliable performance, it is critical that rupture discs and holders are correctly installed between flanges. To support this, our easy-to-use System Loc tool ensures correct installation with no need to drill into the flanges.

System Loc comprises a robust carbon steel elbow bracket mounted on the inlet mating flange with a shear head bolt replacing the drilling element. The steel elbow fits neatly into a groove machined into the rupture disc holder’s inlet.

This eliminates safety concerns regarding incorrect holder installation and removes the risk of invalidating flange warranties or damaging the flanges by drilling.

We supply System Loc for both forward and reverse acting holders and to fit multiple flange ratings. Each System Loc size is colour-coded with a different colour to further reduce the risk of human error during installation.

A further benefit of the tool is that it remains secure to the flange throughout its useful life. This means it not only affords improved installation in the first instance, but ongoing safety following maintenance and/or rupture disc replacement.

We understand the importance of accurate rupture disc and holder installation and therefore also offer on-site training in this area.

Key features

  • Robust carbon steel design
  • Colour-coded for different sizes
  • Easy to install: Fits into a machined groove on the holder inlet
  • Suitable for multiple flange ratings
  • No need for flange drilling

Product Downloads

System Loc Installation Guide

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