Midstream & FPSOs

Keeping the lights on from start to finish

OsecoElfab offers overpressure protection to keep oil and gas flowing safely through your pipelines and transportation networks to its final destination.

We know that environmental pressures and price fluctuations can affect productivity. Our Opti-Gard and FAS discs are well suited to protect pressure relief valves from corrosion to extend their useful life and save on costs. As the discs also provide a leak-tight seal, they add value through reducing emissions to improve your environmental footprint.

Floating Production Storage And Offloading Vessels (FPSOs)

FPSOs integrate upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. They extract oil from the well, process and store it on board and deliver the partially treated crude oil to tankers for transportation to a refinery. Being at sea, fire prevention and mitigation is a key safety concern. OsecoElfab’s rupture discs support safety on board an FPSO by offering overpressure and explosion protection for the compressors, dehydrators, separators, and pumps found on the topside of an FPSO. Should the pressure in any of this equipment rise above safe limits, the disc will rupture to quickly relieve the overpressure and prevent a catastrophic incident.

Gas Compressors

Gas compressors traditionally use a relief valve as a primary relief device. OsecoElfab manufactures high-performance rupture discs that require almost no maintenance and can stand up to the high vibrations a compressor can cause. When a bursting disc is paired with a burst sensor, compressors can be shut down in the event of an overpressure, saving environmental damage.

Common Applications

  • Separators
  • Gas Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Transportation
  • Pipelines
  • Sour Gas Applications

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