Bring your plant personnel up to date with the latest trends in rupture disc technology and plant safety

We take your safety seriously and go the extra mile to prove it.  As part of our services, we offer a range of process safety training packages to support and upskill our customers.

Our training packages are available both in-person and online. In-person training seminars and can be scheduled at your facility or at our offices. Factory Schools at our offices in Broken Arrow (USA) or North Shields (UK) will also include a tour of our manufacturing facilities. For online learning, we offer webinars which can be booked on request. Our YouTube channel offers a selection of short, free videos to assist remote learning.

Training Topics

Our four standard training packages are outlined below. We can also offer bespoke training tailored to your needs.

Rupture Disc Technology Program

We take your safety seriously and go the extra mile to prove it.  Our Rupture Disc Technology Program is designed for process, project, safety and maintenance engineers, as well as plant supervisory and maintenance personnel. It is an excellent opportunity to upskill your employees in overall plant safety performance.
Product Overviews

Over the past 30 years, rupture disc technology has developed significantly. Many process plants are now operating past their life expectancy with technology that no longer meets the specifications of how the plant is operating. OsecoElfab can train you on the latest product developments and how making simple changes to the technology used in your plant can improve its efficiency and increase process safety while reducing long-term spend.
Installation & Maintenance

Correct installation of pressure relief devices is critical to the performance and safety of the product. OsecoElfab conducts training sessions on the specifics of accurate installation for maintenance teams, fitters and engineers.
Sizing & Selection

Using accurately sized and specified rupture discs is essential to process safety. OsecoElfab’s training gives engineers confidence with various sizing calculation methods, from API to ISO for single and dual phase applications. Contact us to book a training package or discuss your specific training requirements.