Two-Way Flat Composite

A single installation for positive and negative pressure protection

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This two-way flat composite disc acts as a single design for both positive and negative pressure protection.

Manufactured with various slotting arrangements to meet specific application requirements, it is compatible with liquid, gas and vapour applications.

The tri-membrane construction enables the disc to prevent vessel damage from under-vacuum or overpressure conditions. The disc can withstand either the same pressure on both sides of the disc (2WS) or different burst pressures on each side (2WD).

The Two-way Flat Composite is installed into our forward acting holder when burst detection is required in the positive direction only. However, using a customised holder the disc is compatible with our burst detection Flo-Tel and Flo-Tel XD in both directions. This will inform you instantly when the disc has ruptured in either direction.

Key features

  • Detection available for both directions using a special holder and two Flo-Tel detectors
  • 5% tolerance and up to 40% operating ratio
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII standards
  • Stainless steel as standard with other materials available
  • Non-fragmenting bursting disc design
  • Suitable for liquid, gas and vapour applications

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