Technically advanced rupture disc with cross-scoring for increased safety

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Safe-Gard is a forward acting rupture disc with precision cross-scoring on the vent side for enhanced safety in liquid, gas or vapour applications.

The single-membrane, domed rupture disc combines the versatility of conventional metal discs with the performance benefits of scored technology.

The range of sizes and options for opening or non-opening vacuum support make Safe-Gard suitable for use at very high pressures as a metal alternative to composite domed discs.

Key features

  • Precision scoring for increased safety
  • Stainless Steel as standard, with other materials available
  • Non-fragmenting, ideal for relieve valve isolation
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Optional fluoropolymer liner on the process and/or vacuum side
  • Additional vacuum support available for lower burst pressures
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII (UD stamp available)
  • Use Safe-Gard in a forward disc holder, and add Flo-Tel for non-invasive burst detection

Product Downloads

Safe-Gard Installation Guide

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Safe-Gard Datasheet

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