Site Surveys

Is your plant compliant with ASME Section VIII, NFPA or CE requirements?

Your engineering and maintenance teams work hard to keep your plant operating at peak efficiency. Pressure safety is a vital component of this, but it is just one small part of the tasks that need to be managed. Finding the time to systematically check each of your rupture discs and valves for safety and compliance is hard. Rupture discs are often installed in hard-to-reach locations, making inspection and maintenance difficult. Yet if your pressure relief equipment is inspected by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels or other regulatory body, and found not to comply with the required standards, the fines and penalties can be steep.

Site Surveys: OsecoElfab’s solution for adhering to ASME, NPFA, and CE standards, enhancing safety and reducing costs

This is where we come in. Our specialist engineers know the pressure relief codes and standards inside out, and will spend the time needed at your plant to check and confirm compliance of each and every rupture disc installation. OsecoElfab site survey service also offers a chance to greatly improve your rupture disc stocking levels. Depending on your needs, we can survey a single application, several applications, or your entire plant.

What does a site survey involve?

During a rupture disc site survey, our pressure safety engineers will inspect all the rupture disc installation points in your plant or application(s). These will typically be where rupture discs are used to protect equipment such as heat exchangers, separators, pump and filter bypass applications and fouling service applications.

They may also include points where bursting discs are used for relief valve isolation or reactive relief protection. Where pressure relief valves are in use, we will also inspect these to identify any compliance or safety concerns.

The rupture disc data we record during a survey includes:

  • P&ID number
  • line size/ANSI class
  • materials of construction
  • burst pressure
  • burst temperature

Site survey results and benefits

Our trained personnel will present the records of your surveyed applications in a report. With a comprehensive overview of all the pressure relief requirements in your plant or applications, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with the ASME Section VIII requirements
  • Avoid fines for non-compliance and code violations

In addition, we will use the results of the site survey to create a custom stocking plan that will enable you to identify opportunities to:

  • Reduce quantity of products held in inventory
  • Manage inventory more efficiently
  • Eliminate expediting costs
  • Reduce production downtime

Stock rationalisation

Following on from the rupture disc site survey, we can use the findings to identify where there is scope for reducing the number and variation of bursting discs used on-site. By eliminating redundancy and overlapping products, we can further reduce inventory levels, minimize paperwork and save you money. Our stock rationalisation program is a service many customers have used to reduce stock holdings by up to a third, with associated cost savings and reduced production downtime.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss conducting a site survey at your facility.