Customized Design & Engineering

Experts in pressure management creating bespoke solutions and consulting on the right products

OsecoElfab’s expert design and consultancy services operate on a partnership approach. From assessment and initial design concept to supplying the finished product, we will work closely with you at all stages. We believe this is the best strategy for providing you with the right solution.

From complex one-off units to high-volume, price-sensitive OEM applications, our dedicated team is ready to learn about your product requirements.

Our expert engineers use the latest 3D CAD software to design and virtually test our rupture discs designs, generating accurate free flow area calculations. During manufacturing, we combine the latest pressure intelligence technology with state-of-the-art machining and welding techniques. Throughout the process, our specialists remain on hand to respond to any product and technical questions you may have.

Designed to succeed: A full prototyping process from discovery to production

Our custom engineering process draws on expert, first-hand experience of working with major organizations. It has been designed and developed to create state-of-the-art products perfectly tailored to your application needs:

1. Discovery

OsecoElfab specialists learn as much as possible about your application's needs and specifications.
2. Evaluation

OsecoElfab engineers determine whether a new design is necessary or if an existing design can be customized to meet your requirements.
3. Proposal

OsecoElfab’s team presents a description of the proposed custom product.
4. Drawings

OsecoElfab’s team provides approval drawings with detailed dimensions and specifications.
5. Acceptance

You will be given an opportunity to review the proposed design, provide feedback, and advise if it will meet the needs of the application.
6. Testing

We design and test prototypes as per your specifications.
7. Production

Upon approval of prototype design and test results, manufacturing of production parts begins.

Contact our team to learn more about OsecoElfab’s product testing and inspection operations.