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Protecting life and equipment within pressure applications in the medical device industry

There can be numerous applications within the medical device industry that requires pressure protection at various pressure levels, temperatures, and configurations. OsecoElfab is dedicated to ensuring that these pieces of equipment and applications remain safe each day. In the event of an unforeseen overpressure event, our rupture disc/assemblies protect life and equipment from a significant safety event.

OsecoElfab manufactures a full line of pressure relief devices, plugs and assemblies for a broad range of applications. Our products are custom engineered and designed specifically to your application and product design needs.

Our product range covers the standard industry pressures, sizes, and materials. We can also design soldered/welded assemblies, and ‘one-time use’ units. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements in more detail.

MRI Imaging

The superconductive magnets used in MRI and NMR scanners rely on the cooling capability of liquid helium in the presence of a vacuum. Should the magnet casing or seal fail, the resulting loss of vacuum can cause the helium to expand by 700 times due to the rise in temperature, leading to a significant risk of explosion. OsecoElfab’s rupture disc plugs provide a high-integrity pressure relief solution to prevent explosions such as these.

Common Applications

  • Sterilizers/Autoclaves
  • Oxygen Bottles
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Navigation Systems

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