Low pressure rupture discs with 5-pin DIN connection and integral burst detection

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This range of composite, low pressure reverse acting rupture discs are manufactured with integral burst detection. They feature a 5-pin DIN connection and are suitable for applications operating at low pressures.

Posi-Gard can withstand full vacuum, while Vac-Gard withstands up to 1 barg of back pressure. For ultra low pressures, have a look at our Milli-Gard rupture disc.

Both Posi-Gard and Vac-Gard offer non-fragmenting opening. Due to their modular content, we can offer them with bespoke designs for a broad range of non-standard specifications and applications.

The discs are supplied with integral burst detection as standard. We can supply an additional lead to connect the disc junction box to an intrinsically safe supply if required.

Key features

  • Suitable for low pressures
  • Suitable for gas or vapour applications
  • 5-pin DIN connection
  • Built-in junction box
  • Operating ratio up to 60%

Product Type

Pressure Level



Product Downloads

Posi-Gard/Vac-Gard Datasheet

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Posi-Gard/Vac-Gard Installation Guide

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ATEX Certificate: Posi-Gard Vac-Gard with Integral FloTel

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