Oseco and Elfab have merged to bring you OsecoElfab.

After many years of serving a shared commitment to quality, service, and protecting life as sister companies, Oseco and Elfab recently merged into a unified global company to best serve customers on a worldwide scale.

Meet OsecoElfab

What this means for you, our customer

Broader Product Portfolio

As one combined brand, OsecoElfab offers a more comprehensive product portfolio from both the Elfab and Oseco product offerings.

Expedited Timelines and Price Efficiencies

In addition to efficient standard lead times, OsecoElfab offers global priority manufacturing for urgent needs and reduced shipping costs to many locations.

Comprehensive Technical Expertise

The combined OsecoElfab team can better serve and consult with the combined technical expertise of both companies, including the best pressure safety experts from around the world.

24/7/365 Support

Our combined operations will allow us to better serve our customers through two manufacturing locations, six regional sales offices, and over 60 approved representatives worldwide.

Rest assured, this merger is driven by the opportunity to improve our quality and service.

We have increased our manufacturing capability, and are ready to support you with a larger team and a broader range of solutions. As a customer, you will be able to buy all OsecoElfab products from the same partner, team, or individual you’ve been working with up to this point.


Will I still be able to order Oseco or Elfab products I currently use?

Yes, we will continue to support and provide all of our current products under the OsecoElfab brand. These parts can be ordered through your original ordering methods and points of contact.

Will I be able to order products in the same way?

In fact, you will have access to an expanded availability of niche product offerings via this website, under the merged OsecoElfab brand’s full product catalogue. You will be able to order products the same way you did before.

Will paperwork or documentation change?

With our combined brand comes an updated name, logo and visual identity. You will see this on materials such as quotes, invoices and product literature. Product tags and packaging will also be updated.

Can I work with the same point of contact I worked with prior?

Yes, your point of contact will remain the same. You will likely receive correspondence from them on an updated email address from @osecoelfab.com — make sure they’re updated in your list of contacts.

Will the quality of the product change in any way?

No. OsecoElfab will maintain the same manufacturing locations and processes. Product quality will not change in the slightest.

What we stand for. Our values and behaviors.


Protecting life. Solutions for a safer, cleaner world.

Our purpose is supported by our values and behaviors, which describe the attitudes and actions that we believe help make OsecoElfab a great place to work and a leader in innovation.



Customer Focus

Customers, both internal and external, are at the center of all we do.



We entrust decision making to our people, developing capabilities within teams and individually.



Curiosity drives innovation, development is an iterative process.


Diversity & Inclusion

Everybody has unique strengths and perspectives, embracing these delivers higher performance.


Winning Together

Through teamwork and collaboration with our co-workers, customers and partners we all win together.


Challenging the status quo

Current state is not future state, improvement is a shared responsibility for all.


Treat others as they want to be treated

We understand that there is diversity in how people work most effectively and are willing to adjust our preferences to work better together.

Be a great communicator

Everybody has unique strengths and perspectives, embracing these delivers higher performance.

Exhibit a positive attitude

We model honesty, integrity, and respectfulness. We want to always be polite and helpful in a professional manner.

Be a proactive problem solver

We focus on solutions; we overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

Positive intent

We choose to assume our co-workers, customers, and partners are operating to the best of intentions.

Hold each other accountable

We do what we say we’re going to do. If something happens to prevent that, we determine the new course and communicate quickly.

Empowered employee at OsecoElfab

The value OsecoElfab brings

Depend on us for expertise and field support, whenever, wherever you are.

We help your team specify the right solutions, then manufacture the products tailored to your application. We also train workers and offer priority manufacturing to help keep your operation running smoothly and safely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Get support now

A team of pressure management experts who consult, identify solutions, and train.

We hold the concentration of pressure management expertise needed to understand the application and risk implications, help your team specify the right solutions, manufacture products custom to your application, and conduct on-site training to bring your plant personnel up-to-date with the latest in pressure safety.

Talk to OsecoElfab experts now

Comprehensive catalogue of innovative, value-adding products.

We offer the most reliable, easiest operating pressure safety solutions in the industry, providing bespoke product manufacturing for both unique, one-off solutions and high-volume assemblies. Our high-integrity products minimize disruptions to processes and provide safer, cleaner solutions.

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