Powder & Bulk Handling

Protecting life and equipment within applications at risk of deflagrations and explosions within the powder and bulk handling processes

The powder and bulk handling process can contain many applications and pieces of equipment requiring deflagration venting protection at various pressure levels, temperatures, shapes, and sizes. OsecoElfab is dedicated to ensuring that these pieces of equipment and applications remain safe each and every day. In the event of an unforeseen deflagration/explosion our explosion vents relieve the pressure wave that could otherwise lead to a significant safety event with the facility risking life and equipment.

OsecoElfab manufactures a full line of explosion vents for a broad range of applications from dust collectors to bucket elevators. Our products are custom engineered and designed per NFPA 68 specific to your application and equipment rating. OsecoElfab also provides support with sizing/venting calculations assuring that the proper vent selection.

Our product range covers the standard industry pressures, sizes, and materials as well as specialty vents outside the common specifications. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements in more detail.

Agribusiness Conveying & Bucket Elevators

Many different types of dust are found in the agricultural industry. Sources include grain, cotton, and flour. Many, if not all, are moved from one location to another through different methods of conveying. These include pneumatic, screw, or belt systems or through the use of a bucket elevator system. Each of these needs explosion venting. The code requirements for conveying systems can be found in NFPA 61.

Agribusiness Storage

Agricultural dust is just as deadly in a silo as it would be in a conveying system. Fine dust is always present in silos containing wheat, corn, flour, and other agricultural products. Proper venting can help reduce the damage of a contained deflagration.

Biomass Facilities

Biomass facilities such as wood processing plants, sawdust mills, and sewage works often involve a hazardous mix of dust, gas, and vapour. As a result, they present a real explosion risk that needs effective management. The design of a biomass system should therefore include a pressure relief device, such as a rupture disc (bursting disc) or an explosion venting panel. As the weak point in a pressurized process, vessel, or silo, the disc or panel is designed to burst at a set pressure before an explosion can occur.

Metalworking Dust Collection

The dust a metal shop produces is divided into two general categories: 1) Large dust particles, chips, shavings and 2) fine metal dust. The fine metal dust is extremely combustible and a collection system needs the correct vents to prevent catastrophic deflagrations.

Plastic Baghouses

When it comes to protecting a baghouse or dust collector, you need a vent that can withstand extreme vacuum conditions to maximize your collector’s potential. OsecoElfab offers specially designed vents for baghouse applications.

Plastic Bulk Storage

It's not just wood dust that is dangerous. Dust from rubber, grain, sugar, plastics, metals, and other materials are as hazardous or even more so than wood dust.

Powder Bulk Storage

In many industries, working with and storing powders are a critical part of the manufacturing process. Managing such substances requires special attention with regards to explosion venting. OsecoElfabs explosion vents are a critical part of the safety systems required.

Common Applications

  • Dust Collectors
  • Silos
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Cyclones
  • Electrical Enclosures

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