Tel-Tale Gauge

Innovative pressure gauge, critical to process safety

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The ASME code and regulations require that the space between a rupture disc device and safety relief valve be provided with a pressure gauge or a suitable ‘tell-tale ‘indicator. Furthermore, for double disc assemblies, the ASME code requires the use of a ‘tell-tale’ indicator in situ.

Our Tel-Tale pressure gauge is a ‘tell-tale’ device also known as the ‘gauge with a drag pointer’. It indicates pressure rises with the use of a ‘tel-tale’ stick that remains at the level of the highest pressure reached, even when the pressure subsequently decreases.

The benefit of this is that it shows operators when there has been an increase in pressure, even if that pressure rise was not observed at the time. The indicator on traditional pressure gauges, by contrast, will return to zero if the pressure returns to zero, meaning pressure rises could occur unobserved.

Tel-Tale is therefore an ideal solution for applications in which safety critical measures are necessary to avoid unnoticed pressure increases between the rupture disc and valve inlet.

Key features

  • Detects pressure build-up and fluctuations in situ
  • Recommended tool for:
  • Double disc assemblies
  • Rupture disc and valve combinations
  • Excess Flow Valve included
  • Available for a wide range of pressures
  • Low-cost solution

Replacing regular gauges with Tel-Tale devices can:

  • Support maintenance schedules
  • Provide more accurate information on process condition
  • Enhance process safety
  • Help reduce costly downtime as:
    - Customers can change rupture discs when they need to.
    - Customers can work with the manufacturer to upgrade the disc to one that better suits their process conditions.

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Chemical Process Disc Selection Guide

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