Excess Flow Valves

Prevents pressure build-up in the interspace between relief devices

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Excess flow valves are designed for use with two rupture discs in series or a rupture disc/safety valve combination. They maintain safety by regulating the pressure in the space between the two pressure relief devices.

This is essential because rupture discs are pressure differential devices. If pressure builds up in the interspace between discs it could cause them to fail prematurely, leading to downtime, loss of product and resultant costs.

To further enhance safety, our excess flow valves feature a rapid shut-off function. The valve will close when exposed to a high flow rate, such as when a rupture disc bursts, to ensure efficient operation of the pressure relief device.

Key features

  • ¼” or ½” connection
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Rapid shut-off function
  • Prevents pressure build-up
  • Offers essential safety protection
  • Pressure gauge sold separately

Product Type

Pressure Level

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Excess Flow Valve Installation Guide

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