The high-performance Opti-Gard bursting disc acts as a single disc solution to support a reduction in stock costs

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Opti-Gard acts as a single disc solution across a complete line of sizes, materials, burst pressures and process conditions. Performing equally well with liquid, gas or vapour, Opti-Gard is the ideal multi-purpose pressure relief solution. It is non-fragmenting and can be used alone or in combination with a safety valve.

Opti-Gard features a smooth surface finish and can be supplied with an optional fluoropolymer liner on the process and/or vacuum side. It withstands full vacuum and high levels of back pressure without additional vacuum support to ensure the maximum free-flow area on burst

When installed as part of our stock rationalisation programme Opti-Gard can reduce stock holdings by up to 65%. This offers significant cost savings with reduced variance in inventory and installation, without affecting quality.

Opti-Gard with high-strength magnet

We also supply the Opti-Gard with a high-strength magnet for use in 22cr and 25cr duplex holders. Our specially developed high-strength magnet means you can still use our unique, non-invasive burst detection systems Flo-Tel and Flo-Tel XD for accurate signalling up to 140°C. Standard rupture discs will not allow this, as the duplex stainless steel is magnetic and prevents the detector from functioning correctly.

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