Opti-Gard Ferrule

Technically advanced solution for aseptic and hygienic applications

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Our Opti-Gard Ferrule is specially designed for the food and beverage, biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

It features a smooth, uninterrupted surface finish that meets FDA approvals. Installation using ferrules and tri-clamps preserves the aseptic environment around the disc.

Opti-Gard Ferrule is also available to fit within the most sanitary clamping design in the industry, NovAseptic Connectors (NA-Connect). When installed within the NA-Connect design, the disc sits flush with the vessel wall. The radically reduces contamination build-up and allows for greater cleanliness and easy maintenance of a sterile environment.

In addition, the Opti-Gard Ferrule is the only rupture disc solution to combine NovAsceptic fittings with the non-invasive burst detector, Flo-Tel. This ensures instantaneous notification of disc burst without direct contact to the process

We supply all discs with the tri-clamp system and an integral Flo-Tel actuator as standard. The Opti-Gard Ferrule is an excellent choice for many aseptic and hygienic applications.

Key features

  • Meets FDA approvals
  • Ideal for CIP and SIP applications
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Industry leading 3% tolerance
  • Full vacuum service
  • Tested to over 100,000 pressure-vacuum cycles

*NA-connect is a registered trademark of NovAseptic America Inc.

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Product Downloads

Opti-Gard Ferrule Datasheet

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Opti-Gard Ferrule Installation Guide

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OE for Pharma Brochure

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