Flo-Tel offers a practical, reusable solution for detecting when a rupture disc has functioned

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Operating on a simple reed switch and magnet technology, the Flo-Tel sensor fits into a holder with a magnet on the rupture disc. When the rupture disc bursts, the magnet arcs away from the sensor, giving an open circuit signal. 

Flo-Tel is non-invasive to the process and is therefore unaffected by downstream pressure fluctuations or corrosion. This feature also eliminates leak paths and the risk of false alarms associated with traditional membrane-type detection systems. After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs replacing, which eliminates the need for expensive re-wiring costs and maintenance planning.

Available with a 2m, 5m or 10m cable, Flo-Tel is Suitable for process temperatures up to 300°C and offers a fail-safe detection system. Flo-Tel is ATEX approved to II 1G Ex ia IIC Ga and II 1D Ex ia IIIC Da IP66. It carries the EC-Type Examination Certificate ITS03 ATEX 21698X. Please note that it must be connected to an intrinsically safe supply.

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