Double Disc Assembly

Enhanced environmental pollution control for processes using harsh chemicals

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Our Double Disc Assembly (DDA) places two rupture discs in series. The discs may comprise two forward acting discs, two reverse acting discs or a combination of forward and reverse acting discs.

Should the primary disc rupture, the secondary disc prevents environmental pollution while the intermediate pressure sensor alerts maintenance teams of the need to replace the primary disc.

The key benefit of the DDA is the enhanced protection it affords for severe process conditions. Where corrosive substances or harsh chemicals may shorten the service life of the primary disc, the secondary disc will still offer full protection. This reduces leakage and affords excellent valve protection, consequently minimising process downtime following an overpressure event.

The Double Disc Assembly is available with our leading Opti-Gard range, which features a 3% tolerance and up to 97% operating ratio.

Please note:
To ensure correct performance of a rupture disc, you must ensure it is installed correctly in the correct holder. Modifying the Double Disc Assembly or using it with other manufacturers' discs will compromise both product safety and performance.

Key features

  • Compatible with all internationally recognised flange standards
  • Available in sizes from 25mm
  • Available in stainless steel, duplex stainless steel or Hastelloy
  • PFA or tantalum coating available on request
  • Superior leak tightness
  • Compatible with reusable detection systems Flo-Tel and Flo-Te XD

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