Electron-Beam Welded Assembly (OE6)

High-performance electron-beam welded disc and plug assembly

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The OE6 rupture disc assembly combines a scored forward or reverse rupture disc that is electron-beam welded between the inlet and outlet sections of a plug.

This high-performance component can withstand extremely high and low temperatures and offers a full vacuum service.

The optional baffle outlets provide controlled venting, making the unit particularly suitable for harsh operating environments.

Typically manufactured as a stainless-steel body with a stainless steel or nickel disc, OE6 is available with a wide range of inlet and outlet configurations for full customisation.

Key features

  • High integrity, fail-safe component
  • Can withstand extremely low and high temperatures
  • Operates well at very high pressures and in full vacuum
  • Leak rate of 1×10-8 cc/sec
  • Simple to install
  • Zero-maintenance design
  • Non-fragmenting designs available
  • Some units are available with our OE-Tel burst detection system

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