Electron-Beam Welded Assembly (OE5)

Electron-beam welded disc and plug assembly

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The OE5 rupture disc assembly combines a scored rupture disc that is electron-beam welded directly onto the end of a plug assembly. The plug is of stainless steel as standard, with a stainless steel or nickel disc.

Electron-beam welding affords superior leak tightness and the highest integrity possible while reducing the risk of premature failure.

The OE5 unit is therefore ideal for applications where it is essential that the process medium is not vented into the atmosphere. This includes applications in industries such as aerospace and defence, oil and gas, and industrial engineering.

Key features

  • Leak rate of 1×10-8 cc/sec
  • Simple to install
  • Zero-maintenance design
  • Non-fragmenting designs available
  • Various inlet and outlet thread connections available

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