CRVC Explosion Vent

The CRVC is a heavy-duty explosion vent designed for dust collectors. An option for internal insulation offers enhanced explosion protection for high temperature applications.

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This rectangular domed explosion vent panel has a heavy-duty design that incorporates much thicker materials than standard explosion vent designs. The CRVC can withstand higher positive or negative system operating pressures than flat vents. Positive system pressure should be limited to 70% of set pressure (Pstat). The precision in design, manufacturing techniques and testing assures a superior product that provides explosion protection with minimal or no fragmentation. The CRVC is excellent for use in high cycling applications such as dust collectors.  

The CRVCI offers internal insulation for enhanced explosion protection in high temperature applications.

For support in sizing your explosion vent correctly, please read our short guide and contact us directly for more information.

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CRVC Datasheet

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Flameless Vent and Explosion Panel Sizing Form

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