Flo-Tel 2: Non-invasive burst detection

This video demonstrates how our innovative, magnetic burst sensor, Flo-Tel, works.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Flo-Tel 2 is our advanced, magnetic burst sensor. It offers a practical, reusable solution for detecting when a rupture disc has functioned. This video demonstrates how the non-invasive sensor works.

As Flo-Tel is non-invasive the the process, it is unaffected by downstream pressure fluctuations or corrosion. It eliminates leak paths and the risk of false alarms associated with traditional membrane-type detection systems.After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs replacing, which eliminates the need for expensive rewiring costs and maintenance planning.

Our non-invasive Flo-Tel burst detection system is also available for sanitary rupture discs and explosion panels, and as Flo-Tel XD for hazardous, explosive environments.