Vent-Tel (Sanitary)

Vent-Tel offers non-invasive, reusable burst detection for sanitary applications

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Vent-Tel is a non-invasive and fail-safe burst detection system. Operating via a simple N/O reed switch and magnet technology, the detector can trigger a safe and rapid shutdown of the process should an overpressure event occur.

Vent-Tel can be fitted to the full range of Elfab’s sanitary discs for biopharmaceutical applications. The detector is an independent, reusable solution mounted directly to the Tri-Clamp, making disc inspection and replacement quick and simple.

In addition, as Vent-Tel is non-invasive to the process, it eliminates leak paths and does not give false alarms due to pressure fluctuations. It does not need to be replaced after a pressure event, as it remains in situ and connected to the control system. It can be reused with the new, replacement disc. No re-wiring is necessary.

Vent-Tel is compatible with ferrule and NAC/PAD type connections.

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