Two-Way Tank-Safe

Holderless two-way rupture disc offering full bore relief on burst

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Two-Way Tank-Safe dual-pressure rupture disc acts as a single design for both positive and negative pressure protection.

The unique construction of this disc comprises a slotted top section, seal membrane and vacuum support. The rupture disc can withstand the same pressure on both sides of the disc (2WS) or differing pressure on each side (2WD).

The holderless design makes this bursting disc ideal for applications where a rupture disc holder is not desired or needed. The non-fragmenting disc offers good life-cycle resistance and excellent relief valve isolation. Installing this disc can therefore contribute to keeping ongoing maintenance costs down.

We supply the Two-Way Tank-Safe bursting disc with a suitable gasket to allow for direct installation between industry-standard flanges.

Key features

  • No holder required
  • Non-fragmenting bursting disc design
  • Stainless steel as standard; other materials available on request
  • Low-cost solution for two-way pressure relief
  • 5% tolerance, up to 40% operating ratio
  • Low-cost solution for two-way pressure relief

Product Type

Pressure Level



Product Downloads

Two Way Tank Safe Datasheet

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