Intermodal Container Disc (ICD)

The ICD is a high-performance rupture disc used to protect intermodal containers from overpressure.

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The OsecoElfab ICD is solid metal disc with a non-fragmenting design. It can be fully lined on the process side to prevent contact between the metal and any corrosive media. The ICD will withstand full vacuum with no additional vacuum support required.

As manufactured in North Shields (EMEA/APAC), the ICD is a holderless disc for installation directly between industry-standard flange fittings. The version manufactured in Broken Arrow (AMR) is designed to fit standard threaded or bolted railroad tank car safety vents, using the FAS disc and insert holder.

Score lines on the convex side of this forward-acting disc ensure material will not build up on the media-facing side. The non-fragmenting design offers full bore relief in the event of a rupture, making the ICD excellent for use in conjunction with safety relief valves.

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