Thermal Explosion Vent

Our thermal explosion vent has a composite design that reduces heat loss when used in high-temperature applications

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Applications such as diesel engines, LNG engines and generators, which are maintained at higher temperatures need to retain that heat energy while still providing explosion relief to ensure safety. This is an additional complication that can be resolved with the use of the correct explosion venting protection.

Our thermal explosion vent combines a solid thermal insulator of low-density silica within a stainless steel panel construction. The panel is unaffected by condensation or product build-up, and as the insulation is integral to the panel there is no loss of efficiency.

Unlike other designs requiring the purchase of additional components, our thermal explosion vent is a single-product solution. It ensures minimal space is required, which reduces on-going purchasing costs.

Suitable for temperatures up to 600°C, the thermal explosion vent is available in either a square, round or rectangular design with either flat or domed construction. Depending on the process temperature and conditions, it may be possible to use Vent-Tel, our ATEX-approved burst detection system for explosion panels, with the thermal explosion vent.

Key features

  • Suitable for temperatures up to 600°C
  • Helps reduce temperature and energy loss
  • Zero maintenance
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Integral insulation
  • Not susceptible to condensation or product build-up
  • Vent-Tel burst detection system available for most applications

NOTE: Cold face temperature must not exceed 200°C.

Product Downloads

Thermal Vent Installation Guide

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Thermal Vent Datasheet

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