New rupture disk improves process performance

LoKr - Advanced Low Kr Rupture Disc

Elctrical substation with switchgear

The highly engineered rupture disk offers maximum performance, superior reliability and extraordinary service life

The industry-leading low KR value enables a higher flow rate on burst, creating opportunities for increasing efficiency and throughput.

Improved Reliability and Performance

The robust, reverse buckling design with a dimple provides a long cycle life with accurate burst ratings and a high burst tolerance for exceptional reliability even in demanding process conditions.‍

Greater Flexibility and Cost Savings

Transformers in an electrical sub-station

The low Kr value offers greater flexibility in the piping sizes you can use, even at low flow rates. The holder is designed to fit most standard heights and flange sizes. Integrating the disc into existing systems is easy, with opportunities for cost-savings when re-doing piping racks.

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Case studies: Electrical switchgear safety

Case studies: Electrical switchgear safety

Two case studies demonstrate how our innovative designs and collaborative engineering approach solved some common challenges in switchgear design and operation.

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LoKr reverse buckling rupture disc
Diagram of reverse buckling disc
Pressure gauge
Pressure Safety Valve and other valves
Rupture disc design specs
Valve and spacer or rupture disc combination
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Industry-leading Kr

Reverse buckling

High cycling

Efficient for processes with low flow rates

Fits most standard heights and flange sizes

Leak-tight: Protects valves from pressure
fluctuations, damage and corrosion