Pure-Gard is a welded innovation in sanitary pressure relief, designed for maximum cleanability and efficiency

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Sanitary Pressure Relief

Pure-Gard is an innovative, sanitary pressure relief solution specifically designed for applications where cleanability is of paramount importance. The new disc design provides a cleanable, robust solution to address the challenges of complex manufacturing environments including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food.

Crevice and dimple free design

Pure-Gard meets industry expectations for cleanability with its crevice and dimple free design. Our rigorous testing programme includes dye penetrant testing and helium leak testing.

Structural stability

The one-piece design protects the rupture disc, avoiding the risk of damage at the point of installation. Pure-Gard’s structural stability also means its performance is unaffected by vent-side pipework loads.

Extended product life

Pure-Gard provides a solution independent of the gasket, allowing regular change of gaskets without needing to change the disc. This innovative design feature extends the life of Pure-Gard beyond conventional sanitary pressure relief solutions.

Pure-Gard SoLo

Pure-Gard SoLo is a low pressure variant suitable for use in processes where pressures are as low as 5 psig.

Reusable modular detection

Pure-Gard and Pure-Gard SoLo are designed for use with our Vent-Tel burst detection system, which is an independent, reusable and non-invasive solution. The Vent-Tel is mounted directly to the Tri-Clamp, making disc inspection and replacement quick and simple.

Key features

  • Crevice and dimple free
  • Structural stability
  • Extended product life
  • No need for a tag: Disc information is laser etched on the side of the ferrules
  • Compatible with reusable modular detection that is not affected by CIP and SIP
  • Available in a range of sizes and burst pressures to suit your specific requirements

Product Type

Pressure Level



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Pure-Gard Product Brochure

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Pure-Gard Datasheet

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Pure-Gard Installation Guide

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Biopharmaceutical Disc Selection Guide

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