With a robust construction and an integral frame, Lift-Gard offers explosion protection for vertical bucket elevators

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Designed specifically to protect vertical bucketelevators, Elfab’s Lift-Gard explosion venting panel features a robust construction with an integral outer frame.

The frame protects the panel from vibrations and harsh operating conditions. The non-fragmenting design allows full opening of the venting panel in the event of an explosion to ensure maximum safety.

Lift-Gard is a reliable, cost-effective solution that is easy to install. In addition, it is the only flat explosion vent to combine an integral frame with an ATEX-approved burst detection system in a single product.

Instantaneous shut-down

Elfab’s unique ATEX-approved burst detection system, Vent-Tel, is fitted to every Lift-Gard venting panel. Vent-Tel will ssignal an explosion within the vertical bucket elevator system and trigger an immediate process shut-down.

When connected to an intrinsically safe circuit, this ExII 1GD EEx ia IIC detection device ensures a safe and compliant plant that fulfills the demanding regulatory environment of the bulk handling industry.

Key features

  • Integral ATEX-approved Vent-Tel for immediate shut-down
  • EC-Type Examination Certificate ITS03 ATEX 11359
  • Low installation costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Dust-tight seal
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Fail-safe explosion protection

Product Downloads

Lift-Gard Installation Guide

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Lift-Gard Datasheet

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