EB Explosion Vents

Manufactured in North Shields, this full range of explosion vents includes single-skinned, multi-layered, flat, domed and sanitary designs

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Our multi-layered designs combine layers of stainless steel and fluoropolymer to create a high-performance explosion venting solution. Available as square, rectangular, round or trapezoid, with a wide range of bolt pattern configurations, the panels are all non-fragmenting and offer fail-safe, rapid full venting. They also provide a dust-tight seal with excellent corrosion resistance. The multi-layered domed design offers the highest operating ratio of all our explosion vents (80%), with enhanced operating performance under cyclic pressure, back pressure and vacuum conditions.  


Our single-skinned, all-metal vents offer a cost-effective explosion protection option. The vents form a dust-tight seal, are non-fragmenting, and are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and moisture. The flat design is especially suitable where silo construction requires a low-profile solution. The domed design offers higher stability for applications where there is a medium level of vacuum.  

Hygienic vents

Within the food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, ensuring that explosion protection solutions are also suitable for sanitary applications is an added consideration. We can offer our vents with a smooth, crevice-free design to eliminate residue and bacteria build-up in situ. This enables operational excellence within stringently sterile environments. These hygienic vents are maintenance free and non-torque dependent for quick and easy installation.

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