OsecoElfab launches new sanitary pressure relief brand

Marketed under the brand OE for Pharma™, the specialist solutions are designed for environments where preventing contamination is critical.

Friday, February 17, 2023

OsecoElfab has launched a new portfolio of sanitary pressure relief solutions for use in environments where preventing contamination is critical. The specialized rupture discs and burst detectors protect aseptic, hygienic and biomanufacturing processes from overpressurization. and help pharmaceutical manufacturers operate safely and efficiently while increasing product throughput.

 The new range is being marketed under the brand OE for Pharma™. The brand’s high-tech solutions offer high pressure relief performance and full cleanability as well as opportunities for cost savings by reducing material wastage. The focus is on enabling companies to continue delivering the highest quality product with no compromise on safety or efficiency. The sanitary pressure relief solutions all meet FDA, USP Class VI and ASME BPE requirements and are compatible with CIP/SIP procedures. Electropolishing and oxygen cleaning of the discs is available.

 Products in the OE for Pharma portfolio offers three unique features:

  • A proprietary, integrated disc-and-gasket construction eliminates leakage common with other gasket designs and gives the discs greater tolerance to pipe misalignment.
  • Pure-Gard is the only welded, gasket-independent solution on the market to offer a 3% performance tolerance, a 3-year warranty as standard, and non-invasive burst detection. The electron-beam welded construction is crevice-free, and the product’s hygienic and aseptic nature has been proven in a third-party riboflavin test.
  • Non-invasive burst detection compatible with all industry standard connections. As the sensor is not in contact with the process media, there is no risk of contamination. The sensor remains in place after disc activation, removing the need to either purchase or wire-in a new sensor.

Travis Nester, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing: “At OsecoElfab, we understand the importance of the lifesaving and life-changing work carried out at pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and healthcare companies. We also appreciate the operational challenges presented by the need to maintain aseptic conditions in bioprocessing environments. Our new sanitary range actively supports this market with unique solutions specifically designed for full cleanability, high performance and improved reliability.”

This latest development highlights OsecoElfab’s focus and commitment to providing innovative and industry-focused solutions. Further information and product downloads can be found at www.osecoelfab.com/oepharma.