Supporting the transition to net zero energy

Our customized rupture disc solutions and services support the transition to net zero energy with leak-tight designs for clean air, gas mixtures and SF6-gas insulated switchgear.

Environmental Protection

  • Leak-tight designs reduce gas emissions and provide environmental protection.
  • Innovative designs and automation minimize wastage during manufacturing.


  • Non-fragmenting designs increase protection for personnel.
  • Tight tolerances and high operating ratios offer reliable breaking parameters.
  • Rapid activation and full-bore relief enable quick, safe discharge of gases.
  • Corrosion resistance offers a long life span with little to no maintenance.


  • We are experienced in working with the different pressures, sizes and disc profiles needed for switchgear units using clean air and other SF6 alternatives.
  • Our flexible R&D program allows us to quickly develop new designs and new technologies.
  • Our innovative designs mean we can choose the best material for your project, enabling you to stay ahead of changing demands in the power industry.
Elctrical substation with switchgear

We work in partnership with our customers, adding value through joint design projects, framework agreements to support stock and supply management, and ongoing engineering support.

Supply Chain  Support

  • Automation enables flexible manufacturing from low to high volume as required.
  • We offer stock management agreements part of long-term partnerships to support delivery and lead time requirements, enabling you to reliably predict and manage costs.

Ongoing Technical Support

  • Our Design Engineers are experts in industry codes and requirements, and provide individual design support and advice for your application.
  • Once the disc is installed, our Design Engineers remain on-hand for further training, troubleshooting and pressure safety advice.

Experienced, Global Company

  • Over 30 years' experience in and specialist industry expertise.
  • Backing from Halma plc, a global FTSE 100 Group, allows us to continuously invest in innovation, automation and Agile manufacturing technologies.
  • We are a global partner with manufacturing facilities in the US and UK, supported by regional sales offices around the world.
  • Every switchgear design is different. We therefore customize our disc designs to match our customers' requirements, offering full customization of our rupture discs. Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.
Transformers in an electrical sub-station
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